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 [RELEASE] LUA SOURCE SCRIPTING 1.5 !! [Official Help Thread]

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PostSubject: [RELEASE] LUA SOURCE SCRIPTING 1.5 !! [Official Help Thread]   Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:45 pm

KeyPoints of Update 1.5

Improved Auto-BHop code; fixed some of the problems which caused it not to work for some people.
Added custom disconnect message with the disconnect() function
Added functions getCVar and setCVar
LSS is now undetected to KAC and any other server side anti-cheat plugins.

Note: Using setCVar will not get you KAC banned, UNLESS you set a CVar like sv_cheats or r_drawothermodels
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[RELEASE] LUA SOURCE SCRIPTING 1.5 !! [Official Help Thread]
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